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Vacant House Walk Thru

All right, we’re going to do a quick walk-through over here in a Panama City house. We have a three-bedroom, two-bath. We have the bathroom here. In this Room here, they started doing the laminate floors. Doing an okay job. I got the second bedroom here, paint your closet.

Furnace, always open up the furnace door. Take a look at the year on here, you have a 2013 furnace, so it’s good.

These floors, yeah, they’re good for a rental. Probably want to do something better. I don’t know why they stopped and didn’t take this up and do the laminate all the way through the house. That’d probably been best.

But stainless steel appliances, so they got that updated, probably an over-the-counter microwave. Might be able to work that out. But yeah, need granite. Maybe some new cabinets, get top dollar. The backsplash is okay, I guess. Paint. Change out the light fixtures, light switches, all that. We update all this when we buy vacant houses Panama City Fl.

The sliding door needs to come out, get a new one.

Redo the floors here in the washroom. Washroom goes into the garage. We don’t have any electricity so I can’t take you to the garage. But get the carpet up here in the master. Then you got the master bath right here. And then you got a walk-in closet off the master bedroom as well too.

So yeah, all in all, not a bad house, all things being said, we just need some TLC. I don’t think I would keep this laminate. They’ve got a lot of products left. People didn’t come through and finish the job. But I wouldn’t necessarily keep this laminate. I don’t like that laminate. It doesn’t have a good look and they need to actually come through and do a better job with the trim on the edge, it’s just the attention to detail.

We’ll take a walk around back and look outside, around the house, so make sure I got the key. But yeah, my voice is a little raspy. The weather’s a little bit, got me on the rebound. But you can see here, definitely probably need a roof. There’s no sink spots, no water spots on the ceiling. It could probably use new shutters. I’d throw some paint on them all, I would just do paint, use them with a new color. And figure that out.

But a two-car garage we see here in the back. Check out the backyard. Let’s see here. Just walk around back. The fence is okay. The neighbors here got their fence. We should walk around back, got the patio. And just need some shrubs and all this stuff needs to be taken up. You get to the fence line, not a deep backyard, but not bad, not bad. All brick. Yeah, you could definitely see the wearing on the roof.

But yeah, there’s the unit, unit’s still in place. Yeah, that always comes into question. You know, depending on your neck of the woods, with people stealing the air-conditioning unit, with the house being vacant like this, but a quiet neighborhood.

The good thing is, is a comp two houses down, same number of bedroom, bath, has a pool, real nice backyard, but okay inside finishes, some updates, but same square footage. And it’s listed for $259. So, depending on what we can come in with this, we may be … They’re definitely motivated. And we’ll see. See where they want to be at. They’re on the road a lot, and it’s a vacant rental property. And it’s hard to manage houses like this, when you’re not intimately involved and everything.

So yeah, more to come. We’ll see where we’re going to go. Until then, we always say, hey if you got real estate questions, you’re looking to buy, sell a house, Panama City. Going to get a shot of the street. But you’re looking to buy a house or sell a house in Panama City, looking to invest, give us a call. Operation Restore, We Buy Vacant Houses panama city, as is, whether they need major repairs, minor repairs, it doesn’t matter. We can work with you. And whatever it ends up being, you know, we’re going to give you a fair offer, and make sure that it’s a win-win for everybody. You know, and that’s the way that we like to do business. So, definitely reach out to us if you want to sell your house fast.

We Buy Houses Panama City FL | CALL 850.303.6709 | Sell My House Fast
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