Short Sale vs Foreclosure – What’s the Difference in Panama City?

Whether you’re a buyer or a borrower/seller, a short sale, and foreclosure each present different advantages and difficulties. What Is A Foreclosure In Panama City, FL? In simple terms… “A foreclosed home is one in which the owner is unable to make his mortgage loan payments and the bank repossessed the home” (source).  If you … Continued

5 Signs A Traditional Sale Isn’t Right For You in Panama City

A traditional sale isn’t right for every house in Panama City. Some houses and situations will find greater benefit by selling quickly and directly! Find out if it’s the right choice for you in our latest post! A direct sale isn’t always considered by Panama City homeowners, however, it should be. With expensive commission costs … Continued

Using House Hacking To Build Wealth In Panama City

House hacking is one of those terms you may hear as you begin your investment journey, but what is it exactly? Learn more about what it is and how to do it in our latest post! House hacking in Panama City can be an excellent way to build your personal wealth. Finding these sorts of … Continued