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Video Transcription

Johnny: Hey, what’s going on Facebook family and friends? Of course, this is Johnny with Operation Restore. Just wanted to invite you guys to come along on this journey. One thing that we’re looking to do here from now through the latter part of 2019 as we close up the year, is looking to leverage Facebook more often and more consistently with the marketing that we’re doing for the business and are reaching out to the local community with the services we provide.

Definitely wanted to reach out to you guys and make sure that you guys come along for the journey. Hopefully someone can be encouraged, motivated, inspired to look at, or maybe start their own business to look into real estate. How they can invest in real estate, how they can help transform their legacy. Their family tree, their financial situations moving forward and being able to leverage it as best as possible.

I just encourage you guys to one, like the video. Like our Facebook page, Operation Restore and then click the notification as well too, so you’ll be notified. One of the pledges that I have to myself, to be more consistent with upload content and providing more value. As much as value as possible. Just give you guys insight to renovations that we’re doing, with the restoration process for some of the houses that we purchase.

Just seeing the situation that we can help homeowners that are looking to transition away from property. We’ve taken on that property in a reasonable manner and then going in, making improvements, whether keeping it as a rental or selling it to another family looking to buy a home, just to be a part of that journey. Definitely hit like on Operation Restore page. Hit the notification button so you can get a notification whenever we upload new content and just reach out.

If you’re interested in real estate, hey, share this with any friends that you know that may be interested in real estate. We just look to use this to leverage it, just to inspire people to open dialogue for people that may have real estate questions. You may have inherited a house, may have a vacant house in the family, anything like that. That we’re more than able. We can share some of the experiences with past clients that we’ve been able to help and help put a solution together that’d be beneficial to you and your family despite whatever the situation is.

We’re up and running in Panama City, but we’re working with people up in Dayton, Ohio, Atlanta, [Ferovia 00:02:37], Alabama, Mobile. Just wherever. It’s a more interconnected world these days. We’re able to assist and use technology, leverage technology in order to help whoever, wherever. Regardless of if we’re not in your city, definitely reach out if you got questions. Send us a message, email, and we’ll follow up with you. See how we can help you out.

We definitely want to encourage you guys to just follow us along this journey as we continue to deploy new marketing techniques and bring in more exposure and awareness to what we do at Operation Restore. Actually what we’re going in, we’re restoring real estate and properties, but we’re also restoring people’s lives. Whether it’s in a negative situation where they have to sell the house, or if it’s in a positive situation where someone’s coming in to buy their first family home or buying an investment property, whatever it is.

I want you guys to think of us and spread the word to let people know, hey, we’re here to help and to help shorten the learning curve. That whole process from going to a renter to being a actual homeowner. Hit the like button. Hit the notification button as well too, and look forward to seeing you guys on future videos. Look to having a future dialogue with any question you guys may have, how we can be a blessing and provide value to you guys in your real estate and any questions you guys have.

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